Reduce leakage and save on energy costs with Airstream

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Following on from the huge success of Airstream’s Clip-in duct board spigots comes a range of patented Clip-in zone dampers.

Flexible duct is taped to the spigot and then the damper is simply clipped into the duct board hole. The dampers can be easily removed if required.

Airstreams Clip-In dampers are available in standard sizes from 200mm to 450mm diameter and in low profile versions from 200mm to 400mm diameter. The low profile clip in damper range was designed for tight roof spaces where standard round barrel dampers are not possible. The dampers are 24V drive open drive / closed and come complete with a 12 meter RJ11 power cable.

The plastic construction helps to prevent cold bridging in humid areas and a rubber gasket fitted to all spigots ensures an airtight seal under all conditions. In addition a foam gasket and gramophone rings on the damper blade reduce leakage to a minimum when the damper is closed.

For more information contact or learn more about Airstream”siMaxi range here.

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