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iZone win makes plans for new ecofriendly house a breeze

ecofriendly house

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Rose Sheridan from Bicton is the lucky winner of the iZone + Panasonic ducted reverse cycle system worth up to $15,000. The Airstream competition ran for six months, starting in October last year. Rose however only came across the competition about a month ago and decided to try her luck. “I saw a program on A Current Affair recently about a lady who had a lot of success entering competitions online so I thought I would have a go too. That’s when I saw the iZone competition and immediately thought how fantastic that would be for our new ecofriendly house

Rose, her husband and two children aged 18 and 15 have lived in their Bicton family home for the past 15 years and considered demolishing it and rebuilding for the past five years, “the house is old, it’s falling apart. We’ve done bits and pieces over the year, but it has now got to the point where it’s not worth the upkeep”

Airstream owners Mike Temple and Walter Kimble empathised with Rose’s situation and agreed to hold the prize until Rose and her husband were ready to build their dream home.

“My husband is an Environmental Scientist, so it has always been our dream to build an ecofriendly house. Winning this prize has made such a difference to the realisation of our dream home and we are very thankful to Mike and Walter. We are looking forward to utilising all the cool features, especially iSave which will help reduce our carbon foot print”.

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