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The smart home has arrived.

Control everything from your smart device. Just ask Smart Alec.

Monitor the air quality
Inside and out
Hands-free smart homes

Just use your voice!

Turn down energy costs
With smart LEDs
Monitor power usage
Reschedule for off-peak
Spot-on temps

Within 1.0 degree

Save on water

Monitor local weather

Control everything from your smart device.
Just ask Smart Alec.

The smart home
has arrived.

Your smart home journey begins with an iZone Smart Air Conditioning System.

It starts with degree-perfect climate control and comfort in every room. With unparalleled energy efficiency and savings. And then it gets even better. Add as much – or as little – iZone Smart Home functionality as you like, whenever you want.

Use your smartphone to take control of everything. Including your utility bills.

Learn More About iZone Smart Home

Complete control at the press of a button

A smart home with a difference

Control your home’s air conditioning, lighting, irrigation, garage door, roller blinds and appliances with iZone precision, even when you’re out.

Monitor your home and make it as secure, energy efficient, waterwise and economical as it can be.

Integrate all your favourite lifestyle and entertainment apps – Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit (Siri), IFTTT, Sonos*, Samsung SmartThings,  and Spotify* – for a seamless, voice-controlled smart home experience your whole family can enjoy.

Your iZone Smart Air Conditioning and Smart Home system can do it all.

Wirelessly. Seamlessly. Intuitively. It will even pay for itself before you know it.

*Coming soon

iZone Smart Features

*only compatible with systems with the new open connection bridge (ask your installer prior to purchase)

Turns any ducted air conditioner into a smart home

Smart air conditioning is just the start.

Imagine enjoying the same home-wide, energy-saving, anytime-anywhere control over your home’s lighting. And your home’s irrigation. Your entertainment technology. Your home’s power and security. Even your not so-smart appliances, garage door and roller blinds – the one’s that are not wifi enabled.

OK, so you’ve got your iZone Smart Air Conditioning system. You’re now equipped with the most precise, efficient, intuitive air conditioning control system around. But that’s just the start – you have the foundation of the ultimate customisable, upgradeable iZone Smart Home system.

Save money with automation

Now imagine integrating and controlling it all to minimise or even eliminate your energy bill with power monitoring, solar power diversion and a host of other time, energy and planet-saving features.

What do you say to
voice control?

That’s right, iZone works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

That’s iZone Smart Home control.


Degree-perfect climate control
in every room

iZone smart home products don’t just look smart, they are smart! Our precision engineered smart home switches, controllers and sensors deliver unrivalled efficiency throughout your home.

By providing cooling and heating only when and where you need it, iZone climate control systems maximise energy efficiency while reducing running costs. They save you money and keep you comfortable all year round.

iZone Nova

iZone Nova Mini Controller

iZone Nexus+ Controller

iZone Naked Controller

iZone Nite

iZone Nimble Controller

Monitor your home’s air quality

Breathe easy with iZone’s air quality monitoring system. It will keep a watchful eye on your home’s air, keeping tabs on humidity and CO2 and watching out for VOC nasties (volatile organic compounds). You can also check the outdoor air quality before you go for a run or turn on your iSave system.

Quality air for your and your family

Turn up your lighting game. Turn down your energy costs

16 million colours. 100 shades of white. You can see your home in a new light when you switch to iZone Smart Lighting each and every day, and because our wireless LED light bulbs and downlights are so energy efficient, you’ll minimise your energy bill and your impact on the planet.

Smart technology to light your way

Water your garden
with your smartphone

iZone Smart Irrigation on your smart phone or tablet. With iZone, you can water your garden or adjust your irrigation while you’re in bed, when you’re at work or even on the other side of the world.

Smart watering with your smartphone

iZone Smart Irrigation System
iZone smart reticulation gives you complete control over your garden from anywhere in the world, using the iZone app on your smart device or your iZone controller.

iZone sprikler
iZone smart plug white
Smarten up your not-so-smart lights and appliances

iZone Smart Plugs, Relays and LED Dimmers

With iZone Smart Plugs, you can turn regular everyday appliances into smart appliances. Simply plug a device into a smart plug and you can control them with your iZone controller or smart device. Switch them on and off manually or create a set-and-forget schedule, anytime, anywhere.

What do you say to a world of entertainment?

iZone Smart Entertainment
Control your music, social and lifestyle apps, devices and digital services from your smart device using the iZone app. Sonos*, Spotify* and IFTTT.
All your faves at your fingertips, or just a voice command away.

*coming soon, only available with new open connection bridge

How much does an iZone Smart Home Cost?*

iZone Smart Home pack pricing

You can turn your home into a smart home for as little as $1760* with iZone. It’s the smartest, most affordable, most flexible way to build the future-proof smart home you want.

  1. Choose your iZone Smart Air Conditioning package
    this is your foundation
  2. Pick an iZone Smart Home pack
    Or create a custom pack of smart features
  3. Scale up at any time
    Remember you can upgrade down the track
  4. Enjoy greater comfort and savings
    You’ll be up and running fast with iZone’s plug-and-play tech

Want a custom pack?

No problem. Tell your iZone dealer or builder what smart features you want and we’ll create a solution just for you.

Choose your system to suit you home and budget
iZone Smart PacksStarterSmall HomeMedium HomeLarge Home
Smart Switches
Climate + Lighting
Smart LED Down lights6153255
Smart Plugs2345
Irrigation Zones1111
Garage Door Controller1112
Factory Set-UpFreeFreeFreeFree

*Cost assumes you have purchased and installed a iZone ducted reverse cycle system with wifi capability.

10 years warranty*, Total peace of mind.

Quality is our priority, which is why we’re able to offer a full 10-year warranty*. You can rely on iZone to maximise home-wide comfort while minimising your air conditioning costs.

Download our warranty policy here.

*Conditions apply. Please read full warranty policy to understand how to claim your full 10-year warranty.

Need help getting started?

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