Smart Irrigation

Water your garden from anywhere in the world.

iZone smart reticulation gives you complete control over your garden from anywhere in the world, using the iZone app on your smart device.

iZone’s garden reticulation system saves you time, money and our precious resource, water.

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iZone is a landscaper’s dream.

iZone’s base system comes with 8 stations and can be expanded to a maximum of 24 stations for even the largest landscape projects.

iZone Soak & Cycle. What a smart idea.

Reduces run off and dramatically increases your watering efficiency by splitting each cycle into smaller time periods.

Automatic alerts and messages.

iZone automatically alerts you if any faults are detected on your retic’s solenoid valves or field wiring plus lets you know which programs are running.

weather forecast for smart reticulation

Let the weather forecast adjust your watering.

iZone’s garden reticulation system is simple to use and via IFTTT adjusts watering based on the local weather forecast.

iZone means a lush garden on less water.

Reduce “run off” to give you a greener garden. With iZone’s Soak & Cycle mode, watering time is automatically split into smaller cycles, thereby reducing run off and dramatically increasing your watering efficiency.

water garden with smart reticulation

Water the garden while you’re away.

Manage your holiday watering from your smart device.
Forgot to turn on your retic system when you are on holiday? No problem, you can do it from anywhere in the world via your smart phone or tablet, thanks to iZone.

Smart watering can save on your water bill.

iZone saves water and saves money. Using IFTT and weather forecasts with clever watering modes, you can save big time.

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