Smart Security

Improve your security with iZone.

Not a problem says Smart Alec. You can improve your security by scheduling your iZone lights, or controlling and monitoring your garage door.

remote log in
Smart Home Garage Door

Control your garage door from your phone.

Remotely control your garage door from your phone to give access for the delivery of goods purchased online. It’s a smart thing to do.

Outsmart the bad guys. Right Alec?

You can keep your home more secure by pre-setting your lights to turn on when you’re not there.

Home security is easy with iZone.

Look after your home while on holiday

With iZone, you can turn on your lights even when you’re not home, making it seem like you’re still there or control them from anywhere anytime via the iZone app.

Home security is easy with iZone

You can set your lights to holiday mode so it appears that you’re home when you’re not. Switch on and off at bedtime automatically for extra security and peace of mind.

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