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Make sure your air conditioning is Airstream tight this summer!

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A range of patented duct board spigots developed by Airstream allows flexible duct to be taped to the spigot and then simply clipped into the duct board hole. And they are removable too!

Available in standard sizes from 200mm to 550mm diameter and in low profile versions for tight installs from 300mm to 450mm diameter.

The plastic construction helps to prevent cold bridging in humid areas and a rubber gasket fitted to all spigots ensures an airtight seal under all conditions. Clip-in spigots can be used on fittings, starters, cushion heads and take-offs.

Airstream spigots can be supplied in “knock down form” for ease of transport and storage and can also be fitted with manual balancing dampers if required.

For more information contact sales@air-stream.com.au or find out more about iMaxi here.

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