A Smart Home is a Safe Home

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With residential construction booming in WA, it’s no surprise homeowners are looking into smart home security for their new homes. The latest advancements in home security point to a future of smart, secure homes which can be effective and affordable with proper planning.

There are so many ways to protect a home aside from alarms, locks and security cameras. With smart home technology, owners can monitor and give access to those who need it, as well as protect it from unwanted intruders.

The Smart Alecs at iZone have a range of smart products that are giving homeowners many ways to keep their homes and occupants safe.

Smart Lights

Light schedules can be created to make it look like someone is always home. They can also be set to holiday mode at the touch of a button. The lights will switch on and off at bedtime automatically to give the bad guys the impression someone is at home.

Smart Blinds & Curtains

Window blinds and curtains can be controlled or scheduled to open or close from anywhere at any time, by using the iZone app or voice control. Setting blinds to close as the sun goes down is a great way to keep prying eyes out. They can even sync with the lights in the home for the ultimate “There’s someone home” schedule.

Smart Garage Door

Controlling and monitoring the garage door is easier than ever with an iZone system. It’s all controlled via a mobile phone and very handy for letting in tradies or receiving deliveries when no one is home. iZone’s IFTTT-enabled system can send a text message if the garage door is left open after a certain time by mistake.

Smart Video Doorbell

With iZone’s smart video doorbell, owners never have to miss a visitor ever again. Instant notifications are sent to their mobile phone when someone rings the doorbell, even when they aren’t home. They can see and talk to them from their phone, just like a video call. The product also has a built-in facial recognition feature that can alert if family or friends are at the front door.

Smart Indoor Camera

iZone gives homeowners peace of mind, at home or away with their smart indoor camera. 360-degree real-time movement inside the home can be captured and viewed on a mobile phone, recorded or played back later. Ideal for keeping an eye on pets whilst at work, or for checking on an elderly person.

It’s easy to see how just one system can provide so many clever ways to keep a home and the people inside it safe. With iZone’s fully integrated system a smart home is a safe home.

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