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  • iZone Multi Directional Diffuser

iZone Multi Directional Outlet Diffuser

Diffusers are the grills or vents where air supply is diffused through. Diffusers help to control air flow and speed of air to mix optimally with the indoor environment. They also can direct the air in desired directions. Depending on the size of the room and the individual design preferences of homeowners there are many things to consider when deciding on these.

Multi-directional diffusers allow 4-way air flow. Multi-directional diffusers are used with challenging room shapes or sizes to distribute airflow evenly. Multi Directional outlets are one of the most suitable diffusers for fully automated climate controlled systems , because airflow can be directed away from the sensor to ensure reliable and accurate control of room or zone temperature.

Our range includes:

  • iZone Swirl Diffuser
  • iZone Round Diffuser
  • iZone Multi-Directional Outlet Diffuser
  • iZone Louvre Faced Diffuser
  • iZone Linear Diffuser
  • iZone Bar Grille Diffuser

Diffusers are the most visible element of your air conditioning system, apart from the touchscreen controller. So that’s why our premium range of diffusers have been designed to work in harmony with your home’s décor and room setup.

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