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The Power of Home Automation Products for a Smarter Home

Google Home device to interact with home automation products

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Google Home and your Home Automation Products

Google’s smart speaker, Google Home, is the internet giants equivalent to Amazon’s Echo. You can “Ok Google” and speak to your personal assistant the same way you would command Alexa or Siri to interact with your home automation products.

Streaming music is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Google Home’s capabilities and those in the process of making their home a “smart” one will love its compatibility. It can work with a lot of the iZone gadgets you already have installed via IFTTT (If This, Then That).

    1. Climate Control: if you are feeling chilly, no need to get up and adjust your thermostat. Your iZone controller can be adjusted using your Google Home voice command.


    1. Lighting: Turn lights on and off as you travel through your home by simply telling your Google Home which ones to adjust. Your iZone Smart lights can be placed all throughout the house.


    1. Irrigation: Have Google Home tell your iZone irrigation system to water the grass, and you won’t even have to leave the couch.


    1. Garage Door: Did you remember to close the garage door when you came home from work? Ask Google Home to tell your iZone smart garage door to close it, and you won’t even need to go check.


    1. Outlet Control: Use Google Home voice commands to turn off the lamps that are plugged into your iZone smart plugs or turn on the coffee pot while you are still lounging in bed.


    1. Security System: Google Home, Home Automation Products and iZone can also be paired to keep your home safe and secure. Video cameras can be directed wherever you would like to look, and you can be alerted if any doors or windows are opened.


Integrating your iZone equipped smart home with your Google Home device is a no-brainer. It will streamline the home automation products you already have in place, and it is easy to upgrade whenever you wish to add new features.

Come chat with Alec on our website or call one of our dedicated customer representatives to get any questions that you may have answered. Let iZone take your ordinary home and turn it into a smart home!

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