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Why You Should Go Smart for Your New Ducted AC Unit

Woman controlling ducted air conditioning from smart phone

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There are so many smart devices available to assist with home automation and convenience today. Even outside of home automation, almost everyone has a mini computer that they can carry with them, and plenty of people use smart watches that can track their health and connect to their smartphones. There are a lot of benefits to be had from smart technology, including when you integrate those devices into the home. A smart AC unit could be a great investment, for a number of reasons.

Energy Efficiency

When you have a smart AC unit that combines with smart temperature control, you’ll be able to improve the energy efficiency in your home. This can lower your energy bills and save you money, but it can also add to the lifespan of your unit because it won’t be working as hard. You can even automate the AC to only use cool night air or turn off when you’re not home to save on energy costs.


When you have smart temperature controls and smart AC unit, you are going to be able to control your cooling from your smart phone or another device. You will be able to change the temperature level while you’re away, automate the system or put your home on a schedule, and so much more. Imagine heading out of town on holidays and being able to turn off your AC from afar when you remember that you forgot to adjust it before you left. The convenience is a huge selling point for many homeowners.

Clean Me Filter Warning System

Smart air conditioning units also offer additional benefits such as dirty filter warnings. By getting automatic warnings on your filter, you can clean your air conditioning system filter regularly and on time, which will lead to cheaper running costs and prolong the life of your air conditioning system.

The Bottom Line

Smart AC units offer a lot of different features and perks, but these three benefits are definitely a good starting point. These units may cost slightly more up front, but with the money that they can save over time, they are worth the investment in most cases. Besides, even if you get a smart AC system that you don’t fully utilise right now, it will be there in a few years when you want it, and you won’t have to upgrade twice.

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