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Beat the Heat and Your Power Bill with Smart Climate Control

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How many times have you wondered if you had adjusted the temperature in your home? Chances are you are like millions of others and forgot to make that small turn that would have saved you substantial sums on fuel or energy consumption. It would have made your living space more comfortable, too. It is why the rise of smart climate control systems appeals to so many. Not only is it a good way to cut costs and reduce waste, but it is also a simple method for improving the eco-friendliness of your home.

While the term smart climate control applies to a diversity of smart home systems and devices, not all are the same. The very best are going to be considered part of the IoT or Internet of Things, and can be programmed to learn or adapt to your routine and habits, as well as your schedule. After all, as one tech expert said, the “smart home that isn’t comfortable to live in wouldn’t be very smart at all.”

Yet, what does it mean for our home to have a smart climate control system? Essentially, it will focus on heating and air conditioning, and controlling it in a way that is optimised. That means:

  • It is a system that will work with all leading brands of air conditioners.
  • It will enable interaction with multiple zones in the home.
  • It will automatically switch off air conditioning and climate controls if a room remains empty or unoccupied.
  • It should retrofit with any existing equipment.
  • It should allow for programmes that align with your household’s needs, such as a series of “favourite” or common scenarios that can be automatically initiated.
  • It should think eco-friendly as much as possible, such as using cooler night air to cool the system rather than running a costly and noisy compressor throughout the evening hours.

In other words, it should, as the title says, help a home to beat the heat without also harming the budget. The smart climate control systems from iZone do just that. Their Nano Controller and Nexus Controller (smart phone and tablet-based systems) make it easy to optimise your home’s climate controls and also keep the budget in check. Efficient and programmable, they are the epitome of smart tech and put the power to keep your home as comfortable as possible, as well as efficient as possible, in the palm of your hand.

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