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An automated home designed for you

Have you been looking at smart home automation and wondered what your options are? With iZone it doesn’t matter whether you’re building, renovating or retrofitting, you can get an automated home that is designed specifically for you and your needs.

Our state-of-the-art home automation systems enable you to control everything from your air conditioning, electrical devices, and lighting, to home entertainment, security and much more.

You have ultimate control over the comfort, efficiency, and security of your home – all via your smartphone or tablet, or connected applications and devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Cooling a room, dimming the lights, watering the garden, turning on a kettle, or opening the garage is right at your fingertips or just a voice command away.

iZone smart lighting bulb

What are the automated home options?

Click “Read More” to see more information about all of the iZone smart home devices and solutions that can be fitted to your automated home.

  • Air conditioning. Have complete control over your ducted air conditioning system for optimal comfort and energy efficiency in each and every space.
  • Lighting. Control your iZone wireless lighting system from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or iZone control panel.
  • Watering and irrigation. With iZone’s reticulation system you can adjust watering based on local weather conditions, for ultimate efficiency and savings.
  • Power. Use the world’s simplest controller and iZone smart plugs to control and monitor energy and appliances. *Coming soon
  • Security. Open and close your garage door using your smart device for ease-of-use and security. iZone can also let you know if you have left home without closing your garage door. Enable iZone lighting holiday mode to fool the “would be burglars”
  • Entertainment. Control your audio and video apps, like Spotify, Netflix, and others, all in one place, so they play in just one area or take a multi room approach.
  • Monitoring. Monitor every electrical appliance in your house, find out what is over-consuming and save money.
  • Roller blinds. Start and end your day with ease by opening or closing your roller blinds at the touch of a button.

How can a smart home benefit me?

Smart homes are known to deliver energy efficiencies and can save you valuable time and money through the ability to schedule, monitor and change your controlled devices and automated systems whenever you need.

While iZone’s technology is incredibly sophisticated, it’s also easy to use. Simplicity and flexibility are at the core of our automated home solutions.

Contact us today to find out how to get an automated home that’s designed for you and how you live.