An economy cycle for residential ducted air conditioning systems

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Airstream have released “iSave”, an integrated night cooling /economy cycle system, for small ducted reverse cycle systems. iSave makes use of cool outdoor temperatures in the evening to assist in reducing energy consumption and associated running costs. Its half way between an evaporative system and a reverse cycle system but you still get the full benefit of ducted reverse cycle when you really need it.

Particularly effective on cool summer nights, this simple concept allows occupants to introduce 100% outside air to assist in cooling their home via their touch screen or smart phone App. Being fully integrated with the iZone 311, the system automatically switches to vent mode, preventing the compressor from running when iSave has been selected.

At the heart of the system is a patented return air box containing all the required dampers and filters. This allows filter maintenance to be undertaken via the return air grille inside the home without the need to climb inside the roof void or onto the roof itself for filter cleaning or replacement.

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