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iZone makes any home a smart home. It’s easy-to-use, affordable and intuitive. iZone minimises energy use and household running costs while maximising comfort. Best of all, iZone lets you spend more time doing the things you love.

Air Conditioning

iZone’s climate control system offers complete control over your ducted air conditioning system for maximum comfort and efficiency.


iZone’s wireless lighting system is ultra-efficient and you can control it from anywhere, anytime using your smartphone, tablet or iZone control panel.


iZone’s reticulation system uses the world’s simplest controller, plus you can adjust watering based on local weather conditions, saving you time, money and water.


iZone Power lets you control and monitor energy and appliances. iZone smart plugs let you control “dumb” appliances and lights while monitoring your power usage and solar system.*

* Power monitoring not available at the time of printing.


iZone controls your garage door from your smartphone or tablet and lets you know if you have left it up when you’re not at home. Plus, other security features are coming soon.


iZone lets you control your audio and video apps, like Spotify, Netflix and others from one convenient location (up to 5 entertainment apps in total).*

Make your home a smart home.

Control everything from your smart device.

Get a quote for a smart home from iZone.

Call an iZone expert and get a quote. It’ll take a few minutes to plan your perfect smart home. It’s cheaper and quicker than you’d expect and the system will pay for itself from savings on running costs.


Update the look of my propertyImprove the function of my propertyImprove energy efficiency and save moneyReduce energy waste and save the planetBetter protect my propertyControl my property from anywhereAll of the above