Smart Air Conditioning

Control the climate on any budget.

The iZone climate control system is highly affordable, efficient and effective. It’s far superior to most other systems and as Smart Alec says, “it’s about outsmarting not outspending.”

iZone technology makes life better for you. How cool is that? It wirelessly adjusts temperature, air distribution and airflow to any room in your house from anywhere, anytime.

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Complete control over your system

iZone gives you total temperature control of each room individually. With up to 14 zones, every room can be at the temperature you want, all the time. iZone climate control systems are fully scalable, which means you can afford it on almost any budget.

iZone makes life cooler

You can control your air conditioning system via your smart phone or tablet. iZone gives you greater control from anywhere anytime for even greater efficiency and savings. Now the whole family can come home to the perfect temperature. Just ask Smart Alec.

Greater control for greater savings

Our unique control algorithms turn zone dampers into highly accurate airflow monitors that can be automatically adjusted in 5 per cent increments in every zone. That’s ultra-fine control that will maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

iZone works with new and existing systems.

You can set the foundations of your smart home with a state-of- the-art air conditioning system or retrofit iZone to your current system. iZone will work with all leading brands. Just contact one of our experts to find out more.

*Actron - Certain Models Only *Kelvinator - Coming soon *Braemar - Coming soon

iZone smart home controller

So smart it even fits your home’s décor.

You can customise your home’s interior design with a choice of 13 different controller designs. Choose from a host of colour and customised configurations – simply select the look that suits your home. Or for the minimalist, you can opt for no controller by using your phone or tablet. Sensors can even be hidden under tables.

iZone smart home scheduling

Set schedules to match your routine. Now that’s smart.

You can create up to 9 ‘favourite’ scenarios to suit your lifestyle. Schedule these to match everyday living. You can even schedule different rooms to come on at different times and temperatures or alternatively, start and stop your air conditioning from anywhere.

iZone smart home energy savings

Smart Alec loves fresh air at night to save energy.

iZone’s fresh air system uses cool night air to keep you comfortable instead of running your air conditioning compressor. At the push of a button you can use 100% fresh air to cool your home. A special system shuts down your compressor and switches to the cost-efficient ‘vent mode’.

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