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iZone Smart Video Doorbell

Save the hassle of installing a separate video doorbell. Opt for an iZone Smart Video Doorbell, and it will seamlessly integrate with your iZone home air conditioning system, on the touchscreen* and in the iZone mobile app.

*Notifications only on the iZone air conditioning controller touchscreen; full video content will appear on your iZone smart device.

Features of the iZone Smart Video Doorbell:

Wide field of view
You will capture a broader view with our wide 180deg camera lens.

Advanced motion detection
Reduce unwanted notifications with more accurate motion detection.

Real two-way audio
Forget walkie-talkie style communication. Listen and talk at the same time, just like a phone call.

Colour night vision
Even at night, you will be able to see sharpened images, with better colour and clarity.

Smart hub
Works with other iZone Smart home solutions such as air conditioning, lighting, irrigation and more.

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