Creating comfort in the home

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Creating comfort in the home

Published on July 10, 2018 - by izone admin

A comfortable, inviting and functional family home is important for communication and security. WiFi enabled smart home systems interconnect with each other to improve efficiency and comfort for everyone, including those with hearing loss. As manufacturers of smart home solutions and products, iZone have been included as industry experts in an article by Connect Hearing on creating communication-friendly homes for the hearing impaired.

The team at iZone define a communication-friendly home as one that is both welcoming and provides a stimulating environment for emotional and physical wellbeing. Factors that contribute to a communicative environment include layout and space, lighting, visual aids and climate control.

As your home is a long-term investment, paying a little more up front will help you to save money in the long run. In the ‘Creating a Communication Friendly Home’ article, iZone suggest investing in products that add value, make life more practical, and enhance comfort, such as lighting that can change to any colour with controls from a smartphone or tablet. This creates safe spaces around the home, while being beneficial for a good night’s sleep. Eco switches incorporate air control and light control into a single switch, while automatically adjusting light levels to correspond with the changing light outside your home.

An iZone system is also set up to work with a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, adding further practicality. This way, you can speak to the system in order to turn the lights or air conditioning on, without the need to fumble around for switches in the dark. With so many options to turn your home into a smart one with technology, comfort and security is enhanced for communication among family members, especially for those with a hearing impairment.

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