iZone Reticulation

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iZone’s garden reticulation system saves you time, money and our precious resource, water.

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iZone is a landscaper’s dream.

iZone’s base system comes with 8 stations and can be expanded to a maximum of 24 stations for even the largest landscape projects.

iZone Soak & Cycle. What a smart idea.

Reduces run off and dramatically increases your watering efficiency by splitting each cycle into smaller time periods.

Automatic alerts and messages.

iZone automatically alerts you if any faults are detected on your retic’s solenoid valves or field wiring plus lets you know which programs are running.

Get a quote for a smart home from iZone.

Call an iZone expert and get a quote. It’ll take a few minutes to plan your perfect smart home. It’s cheaper and quicker than you’d expect and the system will pay for itself from savings on running costs.


Update the look of my propertyImprove the function of my propertyImprove energy efficiency and save moneyReduce energy waste and save the planetBetter protect my propertyControl my property from anywhereAll of the above