iZone Power

iZone Power lets you monitor how much power you are consuming and generating via your solar system, helping you to find even more savings.

wireless control
automatic actions
remote log in
energy savings
Monitor your energy use

Pre-heat or cool your home when excess solar power is available using iZone’s unique thermal storage system – Coming Soon

Create schedules for your appliances

Boil kettles, turn on electric blanket and turn off irons! There are endless opportunities to control and automate existing appliances.

Instantly control any lamps or light fittings.

You can also control lighting that is not part of the iZone smart lighting network by plugging them into an iZone smart plug.

The opportunities to control and automate your existing appliances are endless:
  • Washing machines and dryers can run at night when tariffs are lower to save on energy bills.

  • TVs, computers and other devices can be turned off completely to save on stand-by costs.

Get a quote for a smart home from iZone.

Call an iZone expert and get a quote. It’ll take a few minutes to plan your perfect smart home. It’s cheaper and quicker than you’d expect and the system will pay for itself from savings on running costs.


Update the look of my propertyImprove the function of my propertyImprove energy efficiency and save moneyReduce energy waste and save the planetBetter protect my propertyControl my property from anywhereAll of the above