iZone Air Conditioning

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iZone technology makes life better for you. How cool is that? It wirelessly adjusts temperature, air distribution and airflow to any room in your house from anywhere, anytime.

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Complete control over your system

iZone gives you total temperature control of each room individually. With up to 14 zones, every room can be at the temperature you want, all the time. iZone climate control systems are fully scalable, which means you can afford it on almost any budget.

iZone makes life cooler

You can control your air conditioning system via your smart phone or tablet. iZone gives you greater control from anywhere anytime for even greater efficiency and savings. Now the whole family can come home to the perfect temperature. Just ask Smart Alec.

Greater control for greater savings

Our unique control algorithms turn zone dampers into highly accurate airflow monitors that can be automatically adjusted in 5 per cent increments in every zone. That’s ultra-fine control that will maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

Get a quote for a smart home from iZone.

Call an iZone expert and get a quote. It’ll take a few minutes to plan your perfect smart home. It’s cheaper and quicker than you’d expect and the system will pay for itself from savings on running costs.


Update the look of my propertyImprove the function of my propertyImprove energy efficiency and save moneyReduce energy waste and save the planetBetter protect my propertyControl my property from anywhereAll of the above