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IFTTT Home Automation

Airstream Living Technology allows you to control your Air Conditioning and Smart LED Lighting from anywhere with your Smartphone, Tablet and now IFTTT!

Airstream has teamed up with IFTTT (If This Then That) to give you a free service for iZone and iLight. IFTTT allows you to create chains of simple conditional statements called “Applets” which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Weather, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Creating Applets is very simple and can be done on your phone in a few seconds! With up to 30 triggers and 42 actions, iZone and iLight have you covered with endless possibilities!

IFTTT is available on Apple and Android.

iZone Smart Lighting Release

Airstream have spent 2 years developing the intelligent, wireless, lighting solution which can be installed as a fully integrated system with the iZone air conditioning controller or as an inexpensive standalone lighting system. Airstream’s latest innovation, iZone 325, integrates your zones and air conditioning unit controls into a single controller, plus comes with fully integrated lighting control. With iLight you can control the brightness, warmth and colour from your iZone touchscreen, smart phone or tablet. iLight is available in common E27 screw, B22 base and Downlight formats. iLight has a choice of 3 wireless wall switches, all with a built in temperature sensor, occupancy sensor, light intensity sensor and configurable buttons to control the air conditioning or lighting. A host of special effects are included in the controller including pre-set modes for reading, relaxing, light ramp up speed, holiday, circadian, colour selection, alarm clock and schedules. iLight can even sync to your music when you’re having a party!
The iLight system is very simple to install, fitting existing lighting bayonets/sockets. Just replace the light bulb, pair it to the iZone system and you’re in business! No electrician required. The best part is iLight comes built in to the iZone 325 system for free – so all you need to do is add the iLight bulbs. Fully integrated lighting control can be added to an iZone system in an average home for less than $1,000*. As an LED-based technology, each iLight will only consume 9 Watts of power and can last for up 50,000 hours – that’s about 20 years of use! (*Incremental estimated cost on top of normal LED light cost, based on a 30 LED light install, no install cost allowed).

iZone win makes plans for new ecofriendly house a breeze

Rose Sheridan from Bicton is the lucky winner of the iZone + Panasonic ducted reverse cycle system worth up to $15,000. The Airstream competition ran for six months, starting in October last year. Rose however only came across the competition about a month ago and decided to try her luck.

“I saw a program on A Current Affair recently about a lady who had a lot of success entering competitions online so I thought I would have a go too. That’s when I saw the iZone competition and immediately thought how fantastic that would be for our new home”

Rose, her husband and two children aged 18 and 15 have lived in their Bicton family home for the past 15 years and considered demolishing it and rebuilding for the past five years, “the house is old, it’s falling apart. We’ve done bits and pieces over the year, but it has now got to the point where it’s not worth the upkeep”

Airstream owners Mike Temple and Walter Kimble empathised with Rose’s situation and agreed to hold the prize until Rose and her husband were ready to build their dream home.

“My husband is an Environmental Scientist, so it has always been our dream to build an ecofriendly house. Winning this prize has made such a difference to the realisation of our dream home and we are very thankful to Mike and Walter. We are looking forward to utilising all the cool features, especially iSave which will help reduce our carbon foot print”.

Reduce leakage and save on energy costs with Airstream

Following on from the huge success of Airstream’s Clip-in duct board spigots comes a range of patented Clip-in zone dampers.

Flexible duct is taped to the spigot and then the damper is simply clipped into the duct board hole. The dampers can be easily removed if required.

Airstreams Clip-In dampers are available in standard sizes from 200mm to 450mm diameter and in low profile versions from 200mm to 400mm diameter. The low profile clip in damper range was designed for tight roof spaces where standard round barrel dampers are not possible. The dampers are 24V drive open drive / closed and come complete with a 12 meter RJ11 power cable.

The plastic construction helps to prevent cold bridging in humid areas and a rubber gasket fitted to all spigots ensures an airtight seal under all conditions. In addition a foam gasket and gramophone rings on the damper blade reduce leakage to a minimum when the damper is closed.

For more information contact sales@air-stream.com.au or learn more about Airstream”siMaxi range here.

Make sure your air conditioning is Airstream tight this summer!

A range of patented duct board spigots developed by Airstream allows flexible duct to be taped to the spigot and then simply clipped into the duct board hole. And they are removable too!

Available in standard sizes from 200mm to 550mm diameter and in low profile versions for tight installs from 300mm to 450mm diameter.

The plastic construction helps to prevent cold bridging in humid areas and a rubber gasket fitted to all spigots ensures an airtight seal under all conditions. Clip-in spigots can be used on fittings, starters, cushion heads and take-offs.

Airstream spigots can be supplied in “knock down form” for ease of transport and storage and can also be fitted with manual balancing dampers if required.

For more information contact sales@air-stream.com.au or find out more about iMaxi here.

iZone – Individual room temperature control for every home

Airstream have recently increased their range of iZone temperature control options to include individual room sensors.

Sensors are available in both wired and wireless versions. Occupants can conveniently switch their zone from closed to climate control via an illuminated button on each sensor. Up to 12 sensors can be incorporated into an iZone system in any combination.

These stylish controllers are available in White, Black or Ocean Mist to compliment the Clipsal Saturn range of light switches.

More than just your basic sensor, iZone sensor can be configured to act as the master controller for your Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Temperzone, or Fujitsu unit. Better still the sensors can be configured to “auto select”, the zone furthest from set-point to control the aircon unit. All sensors can be easily calibrated or off-set in 0.1oC increments if required.

For more information contact sales@air-stream.com.au.

iZone 310 talks Panasonic’s language, so you don’t have to.

iZone 310 provides integrated control over your ducted Panasonic® air conditioning unit, as well as your zoning system. You can now fine-tune home-wide air distribution and your air-conditioning unit’s modes and fan speeds, automatically or manually, from any iZone touch screen in your home. With up to 12 consoles and zones throughout your home, that means maximum control, efficiency and savings.

Master control and temperature-controlled zones
Unlike other systems that aggregate temperature across your home, resulting in wide variations, iZone 310’s master control functionality means you can manage the temperature of your home and the zones within it holistically. What’s more, with temperature sensors on every controller in your home, you can take that control to an even higher level – every room will be at the temperature you want, all the time.

Easy on the eye, as well as your pocket
No ugly wall sensors. No bulky control units. iZone 310 is an elegant touch screen console that you can customise to suit your home’s interior design. Changing the background colours on your screens is as straightforward as choosing the precise temperature you want.

Simple scheduling for set-and-forget use
Create nine ‘favourite’ schedules with the easy-to-use seven-day timer, activating and deactivating modes and the four-setting sleep timer at the touch of a screen.

Future proof, for even more flexibility
Already packed with unique functionality, iZone 310 is also future-proof, ready for a host of future innovations, including our new iPhone app that will turn your phone into a controller. You’ll also have WiFi, 3G and web-based system control, as well as the option of integration with home automation systems.

For more information download the full iZone brochure here or email info@air-stream.com.au

Panasonic is a registered trade mark of Panasonic Corporation of Japan

iZone and iSense team up to reduce running costs

Airstream, the West Australian developers of iZone, have released a new zone controller aptly named iSense. This clever zone controller will detect if a room is unoccupied, then automatically adjusts the room temperature and / or close the damper serving the room. This significantly improves energy efficiency and reducing running costs of ducted air conditioning systems in both homes and offices. iSense has three standard control scenarios to choose from. A fourth scenario allows users to customise how the zone performs after the occupants leave the room. Up to 12 iSense controllers can be installed on any iZone 400 series systems.
Other features built into the iSense zone controller include:
  • Temperature sensing and set point adjustment
  • Open, close or climate control of the zone
  • Air volume adjustment to the zone in 5% increments
  • Activate or deactivate the iSense control feature
iSense controllers are available in three colours White, Ocean Mist and Black. For more information contact sales@air-stream.com.au or learn more about how our air conditioning distribution solutions work here.

An economy cycle for residential ducted air conditioning systems

Airstream have released “iSave”, an integrated night cooling /economy cycle system, for small ducted reverse cycle systems. iSave makes use of cool outdoor temperatures in the evening to assist in reducing energy consumption and associated running costs. Its half way between an evaporative system and a reverse cycle system but you still get the full benefit of ducted reverse cycle when you really need it.

Particularly effective on cool summer nights, this simple concept allows occupants to introduce 100% outside air to assist in cooling their home via their touch screen or smart phone App. Being fully integrated with the iZone 311, the system automatically switches to vent mode, preventing the compressor from running when iSave has been selected.

At the heart of the system is a patented return air box containing all the required dampers and filters. This allows filter maintenance to be undertaken via the return air grille inside the home without the need to climb inside the roof void or onto the roof itself for filter cleaning or replacement.

For more information contact
or find an Airstream dealer now.

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